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Scientists believe that global temperatures will keep increasing during the decades to come. The United Nations’ assembly in 2015 wants to ensure a better future to our planet and proposed the 2030 agenda with different sustainable development goals (SDGs) to achieve. Many Cultures One Planet (MC1P) is a project based on the exchange of good practises where we are going to introduce the SDGs to our students however, we are going to focus on taking action to combat climate change and its impacts (SDG 13). We are going to make participants of the project and the whole school community more aware of the threats our planet suffers. In addition, students will boost their social inclusion because all the activities carried out in the project will be fully inclusive. Students, no matter their nationality or background will be able to participate in the project.
The working language of the project is English, which will enable students to widen their language abilities and gain fluency and motivation in using a foreign language in real situations.
Further, Through working in heterogeneous groups and gamification, students will improve their ICT skills and will learn more about their cultural differences and they will make friends across borders that will help them become better European Citizens.

We are going to achieve these goals mainly by creating four Escape Rooms, which will all be connected to SDG 13 and 2-3 SDGs more, chosen by each high-school. The project will involve 4 high-schools from different countries and each one will be responsible for 1 escape room but will contribute in all. Students will be responsible for the design and location to play each Escape Room and its organization. In order to prepare it, they will do some research over the Internet, books or magazines and they may also interview people from their community. They will share the results with their counterparts using email, Twinmail, forum, whatsapp or online meetings. After the research is done, they will select the information and prepare the Escape Room game. Students will regularly post in the Twinspace the results of their research and their ideas and thoughts, paying attention to the sources they have taken it from. E Safety and netiquette are also important topics of the project and students should be aware of them at an early stage.

The project focuses on pupils 12-15 years old, as those would already be aware of the dangers of climate change, as they participated in an eTwinning project related to it the year before or they had such topic in the subject of Natural Science.

In order to guarantee enough time for intercultural encounter and experience, ten students per school together with two teachers will travel to the different locations to play the escape rooms and to experience other cultures. The selection process for the travelling students will be fully inclusive. All Escape Rooms will be available for the other students, teachers and parents of the school’s location for at least 1 day. This way, we will create some awareness of the topics and make diffusion of the project at the location.

The outcomes of the project will be a website developed and maintained for at least 2 years after the end of the project as a tool of promotion and information resource, a Twinspace journal, rollups about the SDGs, a cooperative song, a comic, a campaign to help each school maintain sustainability, an ebook with all the mobility experiences, four Escape Rooms on the Climate change topic and, up to 120 students experienced in European diverse environments.

The impact will be teachers upskilled through the project, they will have access to better resources, upgraded confidence levels and improved teaching methods. Pupils and teachers will be more aware of the possible results of Climate change, they will also understand European values to a greater extent, better tolerate cultural diversity and, in addition, they will upgrade their communication skills.The whole school community will be more aware of the threads of Climate Change, as diffusion is an essential part of the project.

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